Hoarding Awareness Month

Education is a critical component to raising awareness about hoarding disorder that can be accomplished in many ways. Gov. Dayton’s proclamation - click here to view the proclamation - is a recognition that hoarding disorder is an issue of concern for the communities of Minnesota that needs to be addressed in order to develop a response that provides assistance to those who are impacted by hoarding behaviors. The proclamation is also a recognition that many Minnesotans are impacted by hoarding behaviors - from individuals and families to communities, from building inspectors to professional organizers and social workers. Hoarding disorders affects all of us.

One way to raise awareness and educate communities about hoarding disorder is by the development of a local task force. The Minnesota Hoarding Task Force is a newly established organization created to develop a local response to hoarding disorder in the metro Twin Cities. The members of the task force volunteer their time because they believe hoarding is a disorder that demands resources beyond an individual profession to make a difference in the community. The task force is made up of first responders (police and fire departments), professional organizers, county employees, social workers, building inspectors, and mental health professionals. The task force will soon have a website and Facebook page - check back here for updates and a link.

The Hoarding Project is excited about the possibilities and opportunities which will come about because of this proclamation. We are committed to continuing to be an organization which advocates for all who are affected by hoarding disorder!

Research Participation

Opportunities to become a research participant in the areas of hoarding.

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Research articles pertaining to hoarding.

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