King/Pierce County Hoarding Task Force

Please join us for our monthly meeting the 3rd Wednesday of the Month 10:15-12:15 at the Renton Library. The Task Force meets every month except October and December.

Please visit our Facebook Page for more information on our upcoming meetings and events!


We are a multi-disciplinary collective in King and Pierce County aimed at promoting a compassionate and research-based understanding of Hoarding Disorder.
We are committed to working with people who hoard; their families, friends and animals; communities; and service professionals, through education, collaboration, and advocacy for change.
We will work to develop and implement long-term, sustainable solutions for hoarding-related problems so that families can remain in their homes in safe and healthy ways.


We envision a stigma free culture of engagement in King and Pierce County in which every person who is affected by Hoarding Disorder has ready access to an affordable, quality, and comprehensive team of knowledgeable and compassionate professionals who are well-trained to work with them in a supportive environment.

What Makes Up The Task Force?

Our task force is made up of a variety of professionals, including mental health professionals, law and code enforcement, emergency responders, protective services (animal, adult, child), professional organizers, cleaning companies, the health department, housing officials and representatives and many more!

Below are minutes and materials from the King/Pierce County Hoarding Task Force meetings.

All materials from the Task Force meetings are the property of The Hoarding Project, and cannot be used without permission. If you are interested in the public use of any of these materials linked below, please contact

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Agenda

Hoarding and the Brain

Meeting Agenda

Sorting & Discarding

Uniform Inspection Checklist

Meeting Agenda

Eviction Diversion

Meeting Agenda

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