CarlonMy name is Carlon and I am currently a student in the Marriage and Family Therapy program at Pacific Lutheran University. My professional experience is providing behavior therapy with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders; which is very rewarding and incredibly fun. As a member of THP I will be helping out in a variety of ways including providing project development support to the staff, responding to email inquiries, and editing and publishing our newsletter. I am very happy and eager to be able to help out with THP.

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MadisynHello, my name is Madisyn and I am currently pursuing my masters in counseling, with a Marriage and Family concentration, at the University of St. Thomas. I am excited to work as an intern with THP, where I will be answering emails, conducting research, and working with clients and family members. This will help me with my future goal of becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I have professional experience caring for children, which helps me have a more complete picture of people and families.

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TomHello! My name is Tom Kravitz and I am a graduate of the University of Washington with a BA in Psychology. My volunteer background consisted of finding resources and being a sympathetic listener for callers at the Crisis Clinic of the Peninsulas. There, I learned that these people need others to help them, not judge them. This mentality is what attracted me to The Hoarding Project. I look forward to gaining real world experience that will guide me toward a fulfilling career, and I’m excited to be a part of the team!

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LeslieFor the past ten years, I worked as a residential organizer and coach. Through my work, I experienced many different types of encounters with people. In my work as an organizer, I had emotionally connected work. Being an organizer was an intimate job, similar to therapy. In order to do my job, I had to get to know the client very well, very quickly. We organized their personal items, some of which were very private. Most clients had an explanation for wanting to keep almost every object they possessed and sometimes there was even a story behind the object. Many times traumatic events were associated with the objects; such as a divorce, an unhappy childhood or even a death. I worked with many people that suffered from depression, anxiety, and people who hoard. This experience whetted my appetite to better understand my clients, and acquire the skills necessary to become a therapist.

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JordyneHello! My name is Jordyn and I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pacific Lutheran University here in Tacoma, WA. I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Communication from the College of Saint Benedict in St. Joseph, MN in May of 2013. I began my work with The Hoarding Project in October of 2013 as a volunteer and since then my interest and passion for this population has continued to grow. My past experiences are kind of all over the board, as I like to keep myself on my toes and learning new things. They range from internship work with private practice agencies in Minnesota to assisting teens in crisis and families in need.
My role here at THP will be to provide support and assistance to those who are currently experiencing, or know someone who is dealing with hoarding behavior. My job is to provide support and resources to support YOU in any way that I am able and answer any questions you may have. I am very excited and honored to officially be an intern with The Hoarding Project and am looking forward to learning all I can during my time here.

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AlisonHello! My name is Alison and in addition to being an intern with The Hoarding Project, I am a Marriage and Family Therapy student as St. Mary’s University. My experience with The Hoarding Project started volunteering during safety day activities; I was so inspired that I decided to be of further help as an intern. As a member of The Hoarding Project’s team, I will be working directly with clients and helping with outreach and other tasks. My previous experience is in working in elementary education and I am excited to earn new experiences working with people and families with hoarding difficulties.

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AshleyHi, my name is Ashley. I’m currently a graduate student at Pacific Lutheran University in their Marriage and Family Therapy program. My past professional experience is mostly compiled of working with children with Autism and other disabilities and their families. As an intern for THP I am honored and excited to learn more about hoarding disorder and to start helping individuals and families impacted by hoarding behaviors.

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BethGreetings! My name is Beth Rademacher and, along with being the “newest kid on the block”, I am perhaps also the oldest. I have been working with organizations and individuals in a variety of ways throughout my adult life and am delighted to be joining Janet and the team of interns at THP here in Minnesota! I bring a background in Adlerian counseling and an enthusiasm for life and new possibilities. My own experiences of learning, healing and growing, made possible only with the support of others, and of accompanying others as they do the same, have made me a strong believer in the capacity we each have for trying out new ways of seeing and doing things.

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AnnieHi! My name is Annie Johansson and I am currently pursuing my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at Saint Mary’s University as well as my Masters in Theology at Seminary.My passion is women and children and trauma work surrounding that population. My professional experience is in individual and group therapy and in a residential setting working with clients ranging from ages 16-24. I have worked with depression, anxiety, PTSD, chemical dependency, anger, and other mental health issues.I love running, yoga, reading, and playing the piano. I can be quite energetic and sometimes a bit quirky!.

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