Hoarding behaviors can be difficult to understand. Mental health professionals who see clients for hoarding behaviors can feel at a loss to know how to help their clients. The Hoarding Project offers a program of training and supervision for mental health professionals who work with individuals and families around the issues of compulsive hoarding. We believe that often issues of unresolved trauma and loss exist in the lives of people who hoard, and encourage therapists to focus the therapeutic relationship in this direction.

Professional Organizers

The Hoarding Project serves as a resource both for professional organizers working with hoarding clients and for a referral source for the public for those looking to work with a professional organizer. Our project endorses professional organizers who take a collaborative philosophy, which involves working with a client conjointly with a therapist.

If you are interested in connecting with our project, please contact us:

Community Resources

The website for the International Exchange on Hoarding describes the development of hoarding task forces in communities throughout the world. These communities are beginning to recognize that hoarding is a problem that requires a coordinated, collaborative effort from many different public and private systems, and are discovering that a Hoarding Task Force approach is an effective method of addressing these complex issues.

Some are strictly comprised of governmental agencies, many others include public and private organizations. Some individuals and organizational representatives want to start these efforts but are not sure how to begin.

The Hoarding Project is connected to hoarding task forces throughout the country and can offer a referral base to people interested in connecting with these organizations.

Please contact The Hoarding Project if you would like to connected to community resources, such as a local hoarding task force, or if you are a community resources that would like to connect your organization with The Hoarding Project.


The Hoarding Project is committed to increasing the state of knowledge on compulsive hoarding through research studies. In addition to conducting our own research, we encourage the work of other academics and researchers who are contributing to this body of work, and we are also open to collaboration with others who have an interest in pursuing knowledge on this topic area.

If you are a researcher who would like to connect, consult, or collaborate with our project, please contact us.