“The Impact of Hoarding Cleanouts” Primary Investigator:

Jennifer Sampson, PhD., LMFT is President and Research Director of The Hoarding Project (THP), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization aimed at providing education, research, and treatment for people who hoard, their families, and communities.

Dr. Sampson is currently conducting a research study titled, “The Lived Experience of People who Hoard who have Undergone a Forced Cleanout of their Home.”

Hoarding has long been identified as a community health problem and has been found to have a significant economic and social burden on communities at large. It is clear to experts that forced full- and partial- cleanouts- or abatements- are not helpful without mental health assistance. In fact, these cleanouts may even be harmful to the homeowners who are forced to clear out their homes to avoid serious consequences, like eviction or loss of child custody. To date, there have been no academic studies on the long-term effects of abatements, and we know almost nothing about the financial and emotional costs of these approaches, both to the community and the individuals who hoard and their families. This significantly limits professional and government agencies in their ability to intervene and respond in appropriate, effective, and ethical ways.

THP appreciates your voluntary participation in this study designed to explore the impact of forced cleanouts on a person who hoards. To be eligible for this confidential phone interview study, you must reside in the United States or Canada and be of age 18 or older and have undergone a forced cleanout by some authority (e.g. court-ordered, code enforcement, housing authority/property manger, protective services, etc) at least 6 months ago. The survey is open to anyone that meets these requirements. If you are interested in participating this study or getting more information, please contact

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