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Current Project

  • Internet Survey on the Influence of Family Experience and Unresolved Trauma on Compulsive Hoarding Behavior
    • Though the field of compulsive hoarding research has been steadily growing over the past few decades, the research has been primarily confined to studying the behavior of an individual and has paid limited attention to how context and experiences may influence the behavior. Furthermore, the research specifically on the influence of the family on hoarding behavior has been scarce. To date, there are no large-scale studies that examine the combined influence that family experiences and unresolved trauma have on the severity of hoarding behavior. Our research aims to investigate these connections further.

      We are inviting people at least 18 years of age who compulsively hoard and/or family members of people who compulsively hoard to participate in our study by taking part in an online survey.

      The survey will take approximately 20-40 minutes to complete.

      The survey must be completed in one sitting, so please make sure that you have ample time to complete the entire survey before starting. Please only complete the survey one time per person.

      Your online responses will be anonymous and confidential, and there will be no financial compensation for participation in this study.

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