Since The Hoarding Project was established in 2012, we have trained nearly 10,000 individuals across the United States and Canada on the subject of hoarding disorder. We proudly continue this work in the effort to carry out our mission: to promote an effective, ethical, and sustainable response to hoarding in communities, through research, education and prevention, and collaborative approaches to treatment.

We have developed and presented trainings on a large variety of topics related to hoarding, including:

  • Foundations of Hoarding Disorder
  • Hoarding Disorder: Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment Strategies for Mental Health Professionals
  • Hoarding Disorder: Assessment and Treatment Approaches for Service Professionals
  • Hoarding and the Brain: Understanding Neurobiological and Cognitive Differences in People who Hoard
  • Collaborative Work with Hoarding Disorder
  • It Takes a Village: Establishing Task Forces for Managing Hoarding-Related Issues in Local Communities
  • Safety Day: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Approaching Mandatory Hoarding Clean Outs
  • Psychological First Aid and Work with Hoarding Clients
  • Hoarding and the Aging Population
  • Hoarding, Fair Housing, and Reasonable Accommodations
  • Eviction Diversion for Tenants at Risk of Failing Inspection

...and many more!

If your organization is interested in hosting a training on any of the above topics or another subject that is relevant to your agency's work, please contact us for information about pricing and scheduling.