What We Do


At The Hoarding Project, we recognize that hoarding is a complex and delicate mental health and public safety concern, and we gear our approach to treatment to attend to the unique and specific needs of each client, family, and situation.

We offer a variety of options for addressing hoarding-related concerns, including reduced-fee therapy services, consultation, support groups, and Safety Days (or coordinated clean-outs with a focus on harm and stress reduction).

Reduced Fee Therapy Services

In our Washington location, we offer reduced fee therapy services for people who hoard and their family members. These services are offered on a sliding fee scale Washington sliding fee), and may be conducted either in-office or in-home, depending on availability. For further information, please contact: info@thehoardingproject.org

To schedule an appointment, please contact our Washington office:

Washington Location:
The Hoarding Project
621 Pacific Avenue, Suite 300
Tacoma, WA 98402
(253) 642-6108